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COLDPAD - Tour de france du c-block - C-BLOCK icon

Heavy duty & Antiseismic

Rated for Nuclear Power Plants

COLDPAD - Tour de france du c-block - non intrusive


No need for concrete scanning and no hole

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Temporary or Permanent 

Rated for 60 years Removable in 30s

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A starting point

For the first time, the Cold Pad team crossed the Channel to introduce our bonding solutions to our British neighbors.

Defying both Covid-19 and Brexit, we finally made it to the construction site of the Hinkley Point C EPR reactor, close to Bristol. This was an extraordinary opportunity to listen to the Voice of new customers for the construction of nuclear power plants.

We were delighted to have a crowd of enthusiastics supporters who shared their views for possible temporary and permanent applications for our C-BLOCK fastener (ie: Head of lifting operations, Construction supervisor, head of Civil engineering, etc….).

A unique and reliable solution

Ideal for management of change and last-minute modifications, we were pleased to hear that C-BLOCK is “brilliant”, and even better “the installation process is genius” according to the Head of safety; Nuclear Industry.

One of the Site Construction manager completed by claiming “It was exciting to see because [his] main concern is drilling”, and that he didn’t “see no better solution to substitute drilling and dowels”.

Proud to evidence our value proposition of saving time and preserving surface integrity, our audience confirmed : “C-BLOCK might save a lot of time by avoiding any clash with the rivets and the concrete” thus improving total cost of ownership.

The result of a key partnership

After 24 months of collaborative work with EDF Energy, NNB and Speedy, despite a few false starts due to Covid, we are very grateful for all we could learn during this onsite demonstration.

We would also like to thank our local supporters like Bylor, MEH Alliance, Wessex Water, Kier Bam and Balfour Beatty for their presence in this first demonstration in the UK! We look forward for the first local applications.

We have been published in the Point magazine, "The essential read for team HPC"! 

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