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Shift Structural Maintenance from planned shutdown to general maintenance !

NOT HOT WORKS - ColdPad - Cold works icon bonding

No hot works




Low personnel on board

Being able to perform structural works on top of our crude oil tanks during live production is a gamechanger in terms of cost-efficiency and planning

Asset integrity Team Leader with a West African Oil Company

What is at Stake ?

Large infrastructures are subject to ageing from the day they are built. Ageing means corrosion, erosion, wear and tear, etc… The consequences lead to the failure of parts of components which can result in shutting down the plant, leading to extremely costly business interruptions.

While this kind of situation could be easily managed inside a regular industrial plant, the situation becomes more complex when the outfitting are directly fastened on top of a chemical or oil tank.

Coldshield - Cold works for structural maintenance
Where can we help ?

By allowing repairs during live production and with low POB, we help shipowners reduce their important maintenance backlog during regular production and therefore debottleneck planned shutdown activities.

Our “no hot work” solutions for “Explosive Atmospheres” allow both no business interruption associated to maintenance operations and a dramatic risk reduction of explosion. Hence we do improve safety for both personnel and structure.

We offer a suite of cold work structural repair solutions which cover Corrosion, Fastening, Leaks and Cracks

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Corrosion & Leaks
fatigue and cracks icon_edited_edited_ed
Fatigue & Cracks
What is at Stake ? - ColdPad - Cold works process c-hawk
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Structural Repair
How does it work ?

We provide certified and class approved alternative to hot works compatible with marine environments. Depending on the situation, we will rely on 2 different technological bricks called ColdShield™ and C-CLAW™.


On the one hand, Cold Shield is a permanent hull repair  / reinforcement and offers a true alternative to crop and renew methodologies.


On the other hand, C-CLAW™ is a non-intrusive and heavy-duty fastener with a process-controlled installation that intends to complement welding or drilling.

We always applaude cost efficient solutions that make

our life easier

Project leader in modifications at an Oil and Gas Norwegian company

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