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We are developping industrial non-intrusive and cold work solutions


Specific Skills


Triangle of Reliability

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Cold Pad est une entreprise de recherche qui s’est vu accordée l’agrément prévu au II d bis de l’article 244 quater B du code général des impôts pour les organismes de recherche privés depuis 2016. L’agrément actuel est valable jusqu’en 2024. Cet agrément vous permet de bénéficier de 30% en CIR sur les dépenses engagées chez nous en R&D 


Specific Skills

Being a technological company, our core skills cover naval architecture, structural engineering, mechatronics, Finite Element Analysis, and material expertise.


We rely on hands-on resources to rapidly test our ideas and concepts!

The Triangle of Reliability

The key of our deeptech innovation was to overcome 3 main technical obstacles or how to control humidity in an industrial environment. This can be summarized with the triangle of reliability :


First, by perfectly controlling bonding operations in “industrial” conditions with a proprietary tool creating optimum environmental conditions for repeatable performance;


Second, guaranteeing Durability in harsh environment by encapsulating the adhesive bondline behind a highly durable elastomeric material;


Third, improving dramatically the strength, toughness and stability of the failure modes.

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Triangle Of Reliability
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Dedicated tools

Besides proprietary hardware, we also develop specific cloud-based software calculation tools.


For example, for C-Claw™ fasteners, you will be able to assess the number of anchor points required for specific applications such as pipe supports, handrails, skids... in just a few clicks with your input data !

Dedicated Assets

Cold Pad Cracked the code of composite structural reinforcement in marine       environment through a holistic approach 

Lead Composite Specialist with a Classification Society

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