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Shift Structural Maintenance from planned shutdown to general maintenance !

Cold works - NOT HOT WORKS - ColdPad

No hot works

EXTREME DURABILITY with cold working / cold works  - ColdPad

Extreme durability


No business interuption

Extreme durability

An impressive safety improvement for our personnel 

International Oil and Gaz company Safety Office Manager

What is at Stake ? - ColdPad - Cold works

What is at Stake ?

When Structural modification and repair works need to be done inside Chemical/Hydrocarbon Tank farms, industrial facilities, or Hydrogen plants, there may be safety concerns.


Indeed, the works may require to empty and clean the storage tanks before the structural work can be performed which usually means business disruption or work during planned shutdown.


This yields to a poor planning agility.

Where can we help ?

COLD PAD value proposition is very strong when operations are related to repair, maintenance, and modifications inside Explosive Atmosphere like hydrocarbon storage tank farms.


C-CLAW™  allows to install outfitting like pipe supports, handrails, or ladders during live operations with the highest safety standards and with a enhance total cost of ownership (no business disruption).

Cold works - COLDPAD - INDUSTRIAL - Where can we help
Cold works - How it works ? - ColdPad
How it works ?

Our product is called C-CLAW™: it is a non-intrusive, heavy duty and highly durable mechanical fastener. It is a true alternative to welding or drilling. This means we can install and also uninstall fasteners, leaving the surface intact with no hole.


Our fasteners are adhesively bonded and installed with a process controlled power tool for repeatability and traceability. The full installation process complies with hazardous and explosive atmospheres.

You will remove a lot of hassle to my daily work 

 Inspection Team leader at a European Storage Tank Farm company 

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