As process control is key to provide reliable solutions, Cold Pad came up with a triangle of reliability to theorize what it takes to obtain a reliable bonded repair in an offshore environment.

"Unique cold process composite solutions with no hot works"

ColdShield TM

Hull Structural Repair

ColdShield, cold work Hull Structural Repair
  • Mid-ship Deck 

  • Side Shell

  • Seawater Ballast Tank 

  • Crude Oil Tank

  • Bottom Shell

  • Offshore Loading Buoy

C-Claw TM

C-Claw, cold work, ATEX fastening solution


Fastening Solution

  • Cable Trays

  • Pipe Supports

  • Handrails

  • Ladders

  • Stairs

  • Small Skids

Cold Pad
Triangle of Reliability

Cold Pad has adopted an innovative and different approach by identifying first the technical limitations that are inherent to classically bonded reinforcement technology, then by technically addressing one by one each of these limitations.


Reliability can therefore be achieved by overcoming the following technical obstacles: 

• Perfect control of bonding operations in “offshore” conditions: as process control is central for a reliable installation, Cold Pad developed proprietary tools for the bonding of each product.

• Durability in marine environment. 

• Design and strength.