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Our Process-Controlled power tool

Compact & Portable - C hawk - ColdPad

Compact & Portable

Battery powered tool

C-HAWK -  NO HOT WORKS - Friendly for hazardous environments - ColdPad

No hot works

Comply with hazardous environments

C-HAWK - Traceability - Record installation data - ColdPad

Industrial traceability

Record installation data

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A Universal and Industrial Power Tool

Adhesive bonding operations require a good control of the whole bonding procedure (control of atmospheric conditions, surface preparation, adhesive preparation and application, polymerization…).


C-HAWK proprietary power tool offers a perfect control of the bonding operations in harsh “industrial” conditions by creating optimum environmental conditions for repeatable performance;

Repeatability thanks to a process controlled installation

Enhance safety in harsh industrial conditions.


C-HAWK is the perfect tool for safe structural modifications in hazardous environments (explosive atmospheres). It can be combined with cold cutting and ATEX surface preparation tools (zone 1) to allow structural works during live production.


From an operator’s perspective, it also reduces musculoskeletal disorders as it does not generate intense vibrations and is self-supported.

Some applications


An efficient tool which help us guarantee security and reliability

Operation manager on an offshore platform

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