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Heavy duty & Antiseismic

Rated for Nuclear Power Plants

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No need for concrete scanning and no hole

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Temporary or Permanent 

Rated for 60 years Removable in 30s

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A starting point

When decommissioning operations are at stake in nuclear power plants, drilling and dowels often create challenges.

Indeed, traditional dowelling requires prior inspection of the concrete structure, thus taking time and requiring a deeper analysis of where it is possible or not to drill…

We showcased C-Block™ at the Cattenom nuclear power plant as part of a technical day. Anchor points have been laid on a 1.4 ton concrete block to show they are reliable and resistant, without having the constraints of traditional dowelling.

A unique and reliable solution

C-Block™ is very useful for all issues related to decommissioning. Indeed, decommissioning requires the installation of many anchors.


Thanks to C-Block™, the multiplication of anchors will no longer be considered as a constraint or a potential planning risk. 

Precisely positioned at the required location, the operator is no longer constrained by the layout of the steel reinforcement.

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The result of a key partnership

C-BLOCK™ is a revolutionary non-invasive bonded anchor co-developed with EDF that saves up to 50% of time compared to conventional anchors. 

We would like to thank Protem and Damien Piaton for inviting us and allowing us to participate in this technical day and for giving us an opportunity to present our innovative, non-intrusive fasteners!

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