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Durable Composite
Bonding & Fastening Solutions 

For all steel and concrete structures 

Revolutionary, safe, and non-intrusive cold solutions

for limitless structural applications. 

The marine and civil engineering markets have forever been looking for
long-term, non-intrusive, structural repair and fastening solutions
that can be implemented without disturbing production.

Cold-Pad did it.

"Impressive and safe"

Nuclear Energy Provider

"Imagination will be our limit!"
Major Oil Company

"There’s no debate : it’s a winner"

Civil Engineering Contractor

"Unlimited Potential"

Major Oil Company

"Bull’s eye with our strategy"
Major Oil Company

"Tremendous added value on planning"

Energy Solutions

Features and performance
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Fastening Solution

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Structural Repair

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Corrosion & Leaks

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Fatigue & Cracks

Our Revolutionary Solutions
summed up in 3 key features:

NON INTRUSIVE An alternative  to drilling or welding


NO DOWNTIME - Can be impletemented  during normal operations


An alternative

to drilling and welding


without interrupting operations

NO HOTWORKS - Improved safety in  Explosive Atmosphere - Cold works - Cold Working


Improved safety in

Explosive Atmosphere

3 composite bonding and fastening products for steel and concrete
C-Claw non intrusive fastener - bonding solution by cold works and cold working
Reliable alternative to welding and drilling
COLD SHIELD™ deck repair thanks to Cold works
Hull Structural
Class approved alternative to
crop and renew
076_030_c-block_perspective_02 (1).png
Non-intrusive alternative to Dowels

We like it cold 

Cold Pad provides durable composite bonding & fastening solutions to facilitate structural maintenance, retrofit & upgrade operations while reducing OPEX by eradicating associated costs. 


We deliver unique, safe, painless, and non-intrusive cold works with limitless applications for all steel and concrete structures, in power generation, hydrogen value chain, offshore wind turbines, shipping and Oil & Gas storage facilities.

A team of passionate experts

We are a team of passionate, seasoned engineers and experts from vast areas of expertise, including specializations from structural engineering, aeronautics, materials, to offshore and onshore O&G projects.

ColdPad - Teams & Office
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