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Durable Composite
Bonding & Fastening Solutions 

For all steel and concrete structures 

Quicker, Safer, Better

The marine and civil engineering markets have forever been looking for
long-term, non-intrusive, structural repair and fastening solutions
that can be implemented without disturbing production.

Cold-Pad did it!

"Imagination will be our limit!"
Major Oil Company

"Unlimited Potential"

Major Oil Company

"There’s no debate : it’s a winner"

Civil Engineering Contractor

Cold Pad Secures
€7.1 Million in Funding

May 2024

This significant investment will accelerate the development of our cold bonding product line, enabling us to expand from the maritime sector to wind turbines, nuclear power, and civil engineering.

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Features and performance
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Fastening Solutions

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Structural Repairs

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Corrosion & Leaks

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Fatigue & Cracks

Our Revolutionary Solutions
summed up in 3 key features:

NON INTRUSIVE An alternative  to drilling or welding


NO DOWNTIME - Can be impletemented  during normal operations


An alternative

to drilling and welding


without interrupting operations

NO HOTWORKS - Improved safety in  Explosive Atmosphere - Cold works - Cold Working


Improved safety in

Explosive Atmosphere

3 composite bonding and fastening products for steel and concrete
C-Claw non intrusive fastener - bonding solution by cold works and cold working
Reliable alternative to welding and drilling
COLD SHIELD™ deck repair thanks to Cold works
Hull Structural
Class approved alternative to
crop and renew
076_030_c-block_perspective_02 (1).png
Non-intrusive alternative to Dowels

We like it cold 

Cold Pad provides durable composite bonding & fastening solutions to facilitate structural maintenance, retrofit & upgrade operations while reducing OPEX by cutting down associated costs. 


We deliver unique, safe, and non-intrusive cold works with limitless applications for all steel and concrete structures. We are able to work in power generation, hydrogen value chain, offshore wind turbines, shipping and Oil & Gas storage facilities.

A team of passionate experts

We are a team of passionate engineers and experts from large areas of expertise such as structural engineering, aeronautics, materials, to offshore and onshore O&G projects.

ColdPad - Teams & Office
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