New Partnership in Ghana!

December 2020 – Ghana, Africa – ENSOL Engineering and Technology Services and COLD PAD are proud to announce the signature of a strategic partnership agreement in Ghana. The two companies will combine their skills and expertise to create synergies with cold work repair techniques looking after structural repair, maintenance and life extension of industrial assets  in Ghana.

October 2020 – Gravelines, France. A world first on Europe’s largest Nuclear Plant! COLD PAD and its partner HORIZON DATA SERVICES have installed C-BLOCK™ for a temporary lifting application in a French Nuclear power plant at Gravelines as part of a safety day.


A world first in Europe!

October 2020 – Singapore, Asia – COLD PAD and ASIC Offshore & Marine Sdn Bhd are proud to announce the completion of the installation of ~100 non-intrusive mechanical fasteners on a new Floating Production Platform being converted in Singapore. This is a key milestone for Cold Pad technology towards the shipbuilding market by offering an “improved planning flexibility and lower total cost of ownership” according to the shipowner project manager.

Shipbuilding: Here we come!

August 2020 - France - “LONGER with LESS is a driver for us. Our products facilitate life extension of large infrastructures like nuclear power plants but also bridges, ships…. It then creates an important impact on Material efficiency compared to building a new infrastructure.”

Cold Pad's CEO Interview during WMF 2020

​June 2020 - France - Horizon Data Service and COLD PAD are proud to announce the signature of a strategic partnership agreement. As such the two innovative industrial start-ups will combine their skills and strengths to introduce and sell non-intrusive fastening techniques to the French Nuclear Power plants!

April 2020 - SE Asia - We are proud to have secured our first contract for an FPSO under construction, which will be operating in 2021! 

C-CLAW has been selected by the shipowner during the final construction phase due to detailed engineering late modifications. Shipowner Construction manager claimed that “we helped them maintain their planning & budget by avoiding costly shipyard variation orders”!

April 2020 - West Africa  - COLD PAD is proud to announce the successful offshore installation of new pipe supports on an FPSO  offshore West Africa. The full operation was performed during normal operations on top of SLOP tank and COT with no production disruption. The innovative methodology leveraged C-CLAW, a non-intrusive and heavy-duty fastener rated for offshore environments. 

April 2020 - Thanks to our strong local partnerships with both Enerbull and Nordic Degrees, we have secured our first 3 contracts in Nigeria in 2020, with 3 different clients, linked to life extension of floating platforms (FPSO). Our set of contracts include both the replacement of corroded pipe supports and the repair of leaking hatch covers !

March 2020 - as part of a CITEPH open innovation programTOTAL E&P RECHERCHE DEVELOPPEMENTSAIPEM SA and COLD PAD are entering a new co-development phase for structural life extension works on  static pressure equipment and large process piping. The development is focused on an innovative and non-intrusive repair technique, called RSS (Reinforced Strap System).

March 18th, 2020 - Despite the current situation (COVID-19), Cold Pad team has been acting swiftly and has adapted in line with the French government recommendations.  

Cold Pad and our local partners, are all dedicated to pursue our mission to lower the costs of offshore maintenance through non intrusive solutions. As such we confirm, we maintain our operational activity.

Facing this unprecedented situation, you can count on us to: 

- be transparent on our capabilities and inform on possible impact on our current business

- be creative to support you the best as we can  

- continue to propose innovative solutions.

Let’s work together to be able to be in the starting block when the situation clears up, and until then stay safe !

​January 2020 - Cold Pad and IEC are proud to announce the successful offshore fastening of an electrical junction box on the internal turret structure of an FPSO offshore Brazil. The full operation was performed during normal operations, with no hot works and no production disruption.

​January 2020 - COLD PAD and OCR are proud to announce the successful offshore installation of large diameter pipe supports during normal operations, with no hot works and no production disruption. 

COVID-19 Crisis