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ColdPad Solution for FPSO - no hot works - repair and maintenance

"Cold Pad aims to shift FPSO Structural Maintenance 

from Planned Shutdown to General Maintenance..." 

Cold Pad provides innovative, permanent repair and fastening solutions for hull & deck through cold work techniques. We have developed two main solutions, ColdShield TM and C-Claw TM, both specially designed for offshore environments like FPSO. Our cold works are revolutionary in the marine world, inspired by composite techniques that have been used for decades in aeronautics. Cold Pad optimized its process for extreme marine conditions, especially FPSO environments, where hot works generate a string of constraints, shutdowns and risks. Our solutions offer permanent structural repairs that change the game of reinforcement, repair and fastening challenges.


We boast the first class-approved cold work techniques for our ColdShield TM solution that maximize production uptime, improve safety and reduce people on board (POB).


ColdShield TM addresses corrosion to extend the life of the hull, deck, or side shells, longitudinal or transverse frames as well as Crude Oil Tanks and Sea Water Ballast Tanks.


C-Claw TM offers a quick, reliable and durable fastening solution for all your FPSO maintenance & modification operations: cable trays, pipe supports, skids, handrails,  ladders, and more.



Cold Seal-bonded Solutions

Reinforcement - Repair - Fastening

ColdShield, cold works, hull stuctual repair
  • No hot works

  • No welding or grinding – safe installation with no downtime

  • Permanent status 

  • Extreme durability even under harsh environment

  • Fast & qualified installation procedure for all weather conditions

C-Claw, fastenin solution, cold works

ColdShield TM

Hull Structural Repair

C-Claw TM

The ATEX Fastening Solution

"The safe, reliable and durable solution

for increased safety and cost-efficiency"

Advanced Seal Bonded Solutions

by passionate and expert engineers

Corroson, Leaks, Fatigue, Fastening, no hot works


Cold Pad


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