Civil Engineering and structural asset integrity are key to solve the challenge of Building and renovating in an energy and resource efficient way. Therefore, our non-intrusive fastening technology represents a strong leverage to facilitate reliable and durable life extension of large infrastructures such as rail bridges, power plants, floating wind turbines, Hydrogen storage facilities, dams etc. We are solving the difficult equation of making the life extensions of mature industrial infrastructures both environmentally and economically viable compared to new constructions.

“ Building and renovating in an energy and resource
efficient way “

As of today, Cold Pad technology is a key enabler for the life extension of oil and gas floating platforms.

264 Millions

Tonnes of CO

In the long term with a wider range of market applications for our technology, we estimate that we could participate to a global saving of 264M tonnes of C02 emissions though structural life extension yearly. This would be equivalent to taking around 50% of the total car fleet in Europe off the road every year. This reduction also applies to natural resources involved in constructions of new infrastructures and decommissioning and recycling issues of the old ones, associated cost, energy and the related CO2 emission.