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ColdShield TM

Beyond a product, ColdShield TM is a permanent structural solution, yielding high performance, restoring the FPSO structure to its original properties.


Although bonded composite reinforcements provide a real alternative to conventional « hot » structural repairs, they remain vulnerable to the humidity inherent to the offshore environment.

ColdShield TM is designed to remain impervious to marine conditions, especially during the two critical phases of installation and servicing. In addition, the prequalified installation procedure has been turned into an industrial process intended to be faithfully reproduced on site for reliable and repeatable performances.

Improved safety, maximized uptime & reduce POB

Industrial process

Permanent Structural Hull Repair

ColdShield TM

On Site

Installation on FPSO

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ABS, american bureau of shipping

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ColdShield TM

Steel Plating


Low Modulus Polymer

Structural Adhesive

Hull Base Metal Substrate

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