"C-BLOCK™ is a non-intrusive

& heavy-duty fastening solution for concrete substrate "

Process Controlled Installation


C-BLOCK™ is a non-intrusive & heavy-duty fastener with a process controlled installation.

C-BLOCK™ has been co-developed with EDF and offers a quick, reliable and durable fastening solution for structural maintenance, retrofit & upgrade operations on concrete walls.

Typical applications will cover the permanent fastening of various mechanical, electrical and HVAC support such as sensor box, cable trays, pipe supports, … It will also be a new tool for maintenance contractors to create temporary lifting padeye with no damage on the concrete walls.

How it works ? 

Temporary lifting application in a French power plant

Inspectable & Traceable Technology

Non-intrusive Solution



Non-intrusive fastener

for concrete substrate !


Permanent or Temporary Solution