FPSO cold work solutions for structural maintenance

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ColdShield TM is a permanent structural reinforcement and repair for FPSO hull. It addresses issues like corrosion plate thinning, including pitting. Typical hull applications include corroded decks, side shells, bottom shells, frames, tanks and offshore offloading buoys.

C-Claw TM is the permanent fastener for offshore and Ex rated environment. It can be installed on FPSOs and plateforms to repair the supports of outfitting or tertiary steel structures. This includes electrical infrastructures (cable trays…), piping (pipe supports) and small skids, handrails, ladders, stairs and the like.

This is also a technological brick for leak containment on hull plating or weldment. 

C-Claw™ allows a "permanent and inspectable cement box". 

For hulls, decks, tanks, shells and more

Cold Techniques. No hot works

Permanent Structural Repairs

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After 10 to 15 years of operation, FPSO hulls generally suffer from corrosion thinning, leaks, loss of support integrity or crack propagation, all part of a normal ageing process. Conventional means of steel structure and hull repairing involve the use of hot works such as welding or grinding. In a flammable or explosive environment, most repair processes with hot works generate either safety hazards or oil production disruption.