COLDSHIELD The only Cold reinforcement Class-Approved for hull girder strength

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ColdShield is the first product developed by COLD PAD. It is the result of a partnership with TOTAL and the Institut Français du Pétrole – Energies Nouvelles
ColdShield is designed to permanently restore the initial structural capacity and durably protect the damaged area against further corrosion.
This new technology is based on the proven techniques of bonded composite reinforcement already used in other industries such as aerospace, military and civil engineering.

• The ColdShield solution minimizes the use of hot work during the whole repair process. As part of COLD PAD products, it enables structural reinforcement capacities in a prequalified and controlled durable manner.• It also acts as a hard coating that offer a reliable protection of the hull by shielding the existing steel panels against further corrosion.

• It is made of highly stable materials already widely used in the offshore industry.

• It can be installed almost everywhere: on a side shell, in water ballast tank or even in a crude oil tank.

• Class-Approved alternative to Crop and Renew


For more details about ColdShield technology, please download the FLYER:

ColdShieldTM Standard Process

Site survey FEA111 Fabrication1 Fabrication2
1- First, a prerequisite Site Survey is performed. 2- Then, engineering and structural design are carried out. 3- The Prefabrication of the pads is performed by manufacturers to Aerospace standards.
Installation1 Installation2 ColdShield_reel4
4- The two-step Installation Process is carried out: A qualified Surface Preparation is performed prior to the Vacuum-Assisted Injection of the structural polymer (epoxy resin). 5- Finally, specific NDT are used for Structural Monitoring.